As once said “If endometriosis was a condition only men had, there would be a cure already”

I thought about what this means for me and how I experience it.
And I created something with it.
I had the honor to work with these beautiful, powerful, strong and sweet women by my side.
And during the proces I learned that half of my team suffers from a condition like this. But all of us suffer from not being heard when we should.

I wanted to go back to creating and I wanted to focus this one on femininity, being a woman or identifying as one and their ‘hidden problems’. But also not identifying as one and still have the same issues.
10% of women and people who do have a womb but don’t identify as a woman (and probably a lot more) suffer from endometriosis. I am one of them.
I have endometriosis and it’s a quite unknown condition that causes a lot of pain.
“It’s just period cramps, it’s part of being a woman, suck it up.”
Years go by without diagnosis, while so many women or people with a womb who don’t identify as a woman suffer from conditions only people with wombs suffer from.

Photography & creative concept/direction by me
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