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These photos are supposed to make you feel something.

You feeling anything? Not yet?

Look closer.

I’m Nel

A fashion and editorial wedding photographer based in Antwerp, Belgium. But available worldwide. My main focus is on fashion, however I do lots of weddings as well.

Curious? You can see my intimate stories here.

I'm a design lover, a runner, a pasta eater and a dreamer. I like traveling even though I've never been outside Europe (I went to Egypt when I was little but that's about it). I lived in Italy for a while and I spent every vacation at my parents house in Spain. You could say I really like the south but most of all the sun.

I'm a city girl, but I grew up in a little town in 'De Kempen'. I like candles in my house and I never use the 'big lights'.

I like the smell of fire and the rain -and I always forget the exact word for it.

I tend to laugh with my own jokes, I try to drink 2L of water everyday otherwise I will get a headache. I like coffee but I can't handle cafeïne. I love dancing, writing and reading and I hate getting interrupted while doing so.

My roommate will say I have a vintage design chair addiction, since I own 10 design chairs but no other furniture besides my bed.

The first thing I do after getting up is drinking hot water with lemon and ginger (I make ginger shots and make ice cubes out of them).

I love plants but sometimes forget to water them. I like walks through the city, especially in the sun. I love working with my camera and more: I would love to work with you.

Oh, I speak Dutch and tend to think that I understand a bit of French, Italian and Spanish. So don't hesitate to contact me in whatever language is best for you. (as long as I can use Google Translate).


I can only say this much with words

So why don't you take a look at my work? See what I'm about to tell you.

See my editorial work